We have a network of carefully selected partners–including companies, creative services and seasoned business specialists–each of whom contributes their specific expertise, knowledge and skills to our virtual team.

Casa Valencia – Experiential Design
Casa Valencia specializes in experiential design and strategic brand development. Owner and Creative Director, Liz Pangerl integrates over 20 years of design expertise to produce marketing communications to effectively reach the general and U.S. Hispanic markets.

90 Degree Media
90 Degree Media, an interactive web design and development company based in Minneapolis, designs and builds websites, microsites, landing pages, interactive infographics, and other digital experiences for companies of all sizes. With a focus on fusing marketing intelligence and creative problem-solving to deliver unique and memorable experiences that help clients stand out from the crowd.

Experience Activation
An experience-driven culture can create powerful organizational alignment and focus. Experience Activation helps build solid relationships with customers and employees, one experience at a time.

Each small business goes through key lifecycle stages on the path to growth. Unfortunately, small and mid-size business owners find it difficult and frustrating to break through the maturity barrier once sales mature and reach a plateau. This is the growth stage where NorthHike adds the most value. Our business model delivers an executable business growth plan that acts like an internal compass to guide you toward success. NorthHike services include:

• Clarity and Prioritization – Focused on high-impact business objectives
• Research and Analysis – Identify true value proposition and profile right customers
• Evaluation and Road Mapping – Develop schematics so gap opportunities reveal themselves
• Execution and Coaching – Employ business plan and coach key team members on effective implementation

Made Daily
Made Daily is a B2B website platform for businesses, designers and agencies to design and build a custom website experience with effortless updates.