Beyond Acquisition | The Onboarding Imperative

The road to industry profitability continues to be challenged by reduced fee income, decreased spreads, high cost of regulation, and overall earnings pressures. These factors, combined with low customer satisfaction, have reemphasized the importance of customer retention and relationship-building. A key cornerstone of driving loyalty and profitability is the onboarding process. More than a switch kit of forms, more than a direct mail campaign, more than checking…effective onboarding is a holistic process that begins at the new accounts desk.

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The Reshaping of Consumer Checking

This MBM presentation highlights key drivers in the rapid-changing world of checking and strategic directions unfolding in the market, and explores opportunities and options for financial institutions to consider as they continue to redefine their consumer checking offerings.

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Checking Acquisition - A Unique Market Opportunity

Even as recent regulatory changes have taken their toll on checking profitability, the continued media focus has also increased consumer awareness and skepticism. As big banks restructure and reprice their retail checking lineups, a window of opportunity opens for community-based banks and credit unions to capture new account holders. This MBM white paper discusses how direct mail can be applied to take advantage of this climate of change and help drive new account acquisition.

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Change Communications | Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and product conversions are highly complex undertakings. This MBM paper outlines key areas to address in planning and executing a smooth and successful M&A integration communications process — one that maximizes valuable account holder and employee retention while achieving the objectives of the change initiative.

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Without Free Checking, Will Banking Relationships Be Stronger?

New regulations on financial institutions, such as overdraft reform, and a soft economy have forced some banks and credit unions to drop their free checking programs. Free checking was an innovative “loss leader” product for many successful institutions that are now rethinking their customer acquisition strategies.

In an April 22, 2011 interview with Jim Larranaga of Priority Integrated Marketing, Diane Merrifield suggests that free checking isn’t going away, but many financial institutions are now creating new relationship-building products that could be good for the industry and consumers too.

To hear what Diane has to say about the evolution of banking products, listen to the interview.

Emerging Best Practices in Consumer Checking

As the consumer checking world continues to be redefined there are a number of key considerations that can help guide the design of the next generation of transaction services. This MindBridge Marketing white paper, Emerging Best Practices in Consumer Checking outlines current financial institutions’ strategies to strengthen relationships through relevant account offerings that provide value to consumers and strengthen retention and bottom-line profitability.

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Checking 2011 | A Perfect Storm

The payments world is undergoing a transformative change that will be game-changing for all. The road ahead will offer opportunities for financial institutions that understand the dynamics and move forward with a clear strategic focus. This MindBridge Marketing white paper, Checking 2011 – A Perfect Storm, addresses some of the strategic challenges and opportunities financial institutions have begun to address as the reshaping of retail checking continues to unfold.

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